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Need a baseball expert? 

BASE can help!

Members of the Baseball Authors and Speaker Exchange are available for speaking engagements; radio & podcast interviews; print media interviews, inquiries & quotes; book reviews; blurbs; and expert editing & consulting.

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In Pursuit of Pennants

Joe Cronin: A Baseball Life

The Great Eight

Pitching Defense & Three-Run Homers

Paths to Glory


Breaking into Baseball: Women and the National Pastime

Making My Pitch: A Woman's Baseball Odyssey, with Ila Jane Borders

Women's Baseball History

Memoir Writing Workshops/Editing


Jean Ardell

Mark Armour

20th Century Baseball History and Biography

Baseball Operations

Baseball Cards

History of American Baseball Origins & its Roots in England

Collecting Antiquarian Baseball Books


Pastime Lost

Baseball Before We Knew It

Robert Fitts


Issei Baseball


Banzai Babe Ruth

Wally Yonamine

Remembering Japanese Baseball

Japanese Baseball History

Japanese American Baseball

Baseball Cards

David Block

20th Century Baseball History

American Sport History

20th Century US Social & Cultural History


Understanding Baseball:

A Textbook (co-author)

Replays, Rivalries, and Rumbles:

The Most Iconic Moments in American Sports (editor)

Steve Gietschier

Robert Garratt

San Francisco Giants History

Giants Ownership

Stoneham Family


Home Team:

The Turbulent History of the San Francisco Giants

Rick Huhn

Baseball in the Deadball Era (1901-1919)

1919 Chicago Black Sox Scandal

Cleveland Indians Baseball History


The Sizzler: George Sisler, Baseball’s Forgotten Great

Eddie Collins: A Baseball Biography

The Chalmers Race

Baseball History and Biography

Business of Baseball

Baseball Operations/Front Offices

Innovation in Baseball

Daniel Levitt


In Pursuit of Pennants

The Battle That Forged Modern Baseball

Short but Wondrous Summers

Ed Barrow

Paths to Glory

Baseball History

Baseball Ownership & League Management

Franchise Movement & Expansion

Baseball Fiction


Mover and Shaker:

Walter O’Malley, the Dodgers and Baseball’s Westward Expansion

Mismanagement 101:

The American League Struggles through Expansion

Baseball by the Books:

A History and Bibliography of Baseball Fiction

Endless Seasons:

Baseball in Southern California



The Life of a Baseball Original

God Almighty Hisself:

The Life and Legacy of Dick Allen

A People's History of Baseball

The Fall of The1977 Phillies

Andy McCue

Mitchell Nathanson

1960s/70s Baseball Cultural History

Baseball and Society

Baseball, Advertising, and Promotion

Baseball and the Media

The Business of Black Baseball

Baseball and Fashion


Black Baseball, Black Business: Race Enterprise and the Fate of the Segregated Dollar


Here's the Pitch: The Amazing, True, New, and Improved Story of Baseball and Advertising

Pacific Coast League

Minor League Baseball History

Dead Ball Era


Lefty O'Doul

Johnny Evers

The Greatest Minor League

The Pacific Coast League

A Glimpse of Fame

Roberta J. Newman

Dennis Snelling


Hugh Casey

The Colonel and Hug

Willie Keeler

Historical Dictionary of Baseball

Dixie Walker


The 1947 Brooklyn Dodgers

Bridging Two Dynasties: 1947 Yankees

The SABR Baseball List & Record Book


Lyle Spatz

Baseball History, Biography & Records

Brooklyn Dodgers

New York Baseball

BASE Members in the News

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